Fun With Pinball

EM Pinball Repair Days
at Paicines Ranch in California
20-21 May 2024

  Paicines RanchPaicines Ranch

Fun With Pinball will be offering EM Pinball Repair Days at Paicines Ranch in California on May 20 & 21, 2024.


The EM Pinball Repair Days will be held at Paicines Ranch, about a 60 minute drive from San Jose, CA.  Overnight accommodations are available at the ranch for participants and their families.

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Paicines Ranch is near Pinnacles National Park and offers a picturesque and relaxing getaway. In addition to opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area the ranch also offers access to a nice collection of EM pinball machines which will be available to EM Pinball Repair Days participants.

EM Pinball Repair Days Overview

EM Pinball Repair Days offers participants a hands on, guided, electromechanical (EM) pinball machine troubleshooting and repair experience in a small group setting. With games set up near each other participants will triage and review issues with each game as a group before disbursing to carry out repairs as individuals or teams of two. Participants will regroup periodically to review their progress, pitfalls and next steps for each game.

The iterative review and repair efforts will be supplemented as needed with discussions or demonstrations of troubleshooting and repair techniques, schematic comprehension and general questions and answers. The intention is that participants will be exposed to many more issues and types of problems that they might encounter on their own while seeing how they can be resolved. As participants are working, Mark, your guide, will be circulating, assisting, advising, answering questions, demonstrating, providing background, etc.

Intended audience

While EM Pinball Repair Days is open to any adult, those with some exposure to electromechanical pinball machines will benefit the most. Most of the discussion and guidance will assume some general knowledge of the games and the devices used in them.


Participants have several options for games they'll be working on:

  • Participants can bring an EM pinball machine of their own if it requires repair or troubleshooting work
  • Participants can buy an EM pinball machine at Paicines Ranch to take home with them (ask for a list of available games)
  • Participants can be provided with a non working EM pinball machine

What to Bring

Participants should bring their own tools to EM Pinball Repair Days (mostly small hand tools and supplies). A list of suggested tools will be sent to registered participants.


EM Pinball Repair Days will be held on Monday and Tuesday, May 20-21 from 10:00 am to about 5:00 pm on both days.


The fee for EM Pinball Repair Days is $400 payable by cash or check only. Enrollment will be limited to 8 participants and requires a minimum of 4 participants.

Meals and Overnight Accommodations

Meals are not provided.  Many of the rooms at Paicines Ranch have shared kitchens where you can prepare your own meals, or there are a few restaurants nearby.

Paicines Ranch accommodationPaicines Ranch accommodation Paicines Ranch accommodationPaicines Ranch accommodation

Overnight accommodations at the ranch are about $125-$200 per night depending on the room. Specific room options will be determined once enrollment has been established.


To register for EM Pinball Repair Days please email a request form, or send your name and phone number through the Contact page. Registration requests will be held in the order they're received. Once the minimum enrollment has been reached participants will be asked for a $200 deposit to confirm their enrollment.  Accommodation arrangements can be made once Repair Days has been confirmed.


Since there is a minimum required enrollment, registration requests should be made by 6 May 2024. If registration does not meet the minimum enrollment by then Repair Days may be canceled.


Given the required minimum enrollment, fees will not be refunded for cancellations received after 6 May 2024.

Interested but can't make it this time?

If you'd like to participate in EM Pinball Repair Days but can't make it this time let us know.


If you have questions please reach out through the Contact page.