Fun With Pinball


Road Trip - October 2019

For the first time the Fun With Pinball exhibit will be at Pinball Expo in Chicago Illinois in October 2019.  To get there I'll be driving from Denver to Chicago and back which is a 1000 mile trip each way.

Chicago Road TripChicago Road Trip

To break up the trip I'd like to arrange some electromechanical pinball related stops along the way and am looking for suggestions.  Stops might be scheduled for:

  • Guided EM pinball repair sessions for individuals or small groups who need help with their games
  • An in depth Electromechanical Pinball Repair class
  • A shorter Pinball Engineering Workshop for wider audiences
  • A short term exhibit for libraries, clubs, schools, maker spaces, etc.
  • Straight up EM pinball repairs
  • Something else you might propose

EM Pinball Repair and Restoration classEM Pinball Repair and Restoration class Pinball Engineering WorkshopPinball Engineering Workshop Fun With Pinball ExhibitFun With Pinball Exhibit

If you live near the Interstate 80 corridor between Denver and Chicago and would like to arrange for a visit please submit your idea via the Contact page.