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Fun With Pinball


Supplemental information related to the Fun With Pinball exhibit is listed here:

1950 United Parts Catalog cover1950 United Parts Catalog The Pinball Parts Catalog List is a compilation of known pinball parts catalogs and related technical information.  Manufacturers Allied Leisure through Gottlieb are on the first page; Maresa through Zaccaria are on the next page.
US2487979-0US2487979-0 A list of interesting or significant electromechanical Pinball Patents.
Pitch & Bat TeamPitch & Bat Team The Pitch and Bat team is a cleaned up scan of the cardboard players used on many Williams Man Running units in pitch and bat baseball games.  Available for download by clicking on the thumbnail image.



Very occasional blogs are gathered here:

Free pinball and The Who's Tommy Pinball and The Who's Tommy (part 1) highlights the games placed in the lobby of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts production.
Sweet SiouxSweet Sioux Pinball and The Who's Tommy (part 2) describes how real pinball machines were automated for the production.