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1941 Chicago Coin All Star Hockey

All Star Hockey is a single player hockey game produced by Chicago Coin Machine Co. in late 1941.  Production was apparently interrupted due to the start of World War II so production numbers are thought to be low.

All Star Hockey 01All Star Hockey 01 All Star Hockey 02All Star Hockey 02 All Star Hockey 05All Star Hockey 05


When the game starts a small steel ball is released onto the playfield from a hole on the right side of the playfield.  The player uses a casting on the front of the cabinet to get the two hockey players on the playfield to spin. Balls keep coming at regular intervals whether or not the previous balls are still in play.

All Star Hockey 06All Star Hockey 06

The player uses the green hockey player to try to score goals on the red goal at the far end of the field.  The green hockey player turns in the same direction as the casting used by the player.   Whenever the green hockey player spins, the red hockey player spins too, in the opposite direction, and spins a little longer when power is cut.  The playfield also tilts slightly towards the green hockey player.

All Star Hockey 04All Star Hockey 04 All Star Hockey 03All Star Hockey 03

The game is more challenging that it might seem since successful shots on the red goal usually need to be shot diagonally across the playfield to avoid being blocked by the red player.  There are often multiple balls on the playfield too which makes for more things to keep track of.

The game lasts for 10 balls, unless you score 7 goals in which case the game will serve up 5 more balls at the end.

The Schematics

Below are downloadable copies of the schematics, or "wiring diagrams" for All Star Hockey.

All Star Hockey wiring diagrams coverAll Star Hockey wiring diagrams cover All Star Hockey wiring diagram pg 1All Star Hockey wiring diagram pg 1 All Star Hockey wiring diagram pg 2All Star Hockey wiring diagram pg 2 All Star Hockey wiring diagram pg 3All Star Hockey wiring diagram pg 3

Note that the wire colors are not annotated on the schematics so tracing wires can be challenging.