Fun With Pinball

The Who's Tommy at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

I had the good fortune to meet a member of the technical staff for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) in the spring of 2018 at a public event where the full Fun With Pinball exhibit was on display.  We had a good time chatting about pinball and some of the technical aspects of theater (like rotating stages :).  He mentioned that the DCPA would be doing a new production of The Who's Tommy in a few months.  At the time I was pretty pleased to have had the chance to meet and chat but I thought that that was pretty much the extent of it.

DCPA The Who's Tommy Flyer

A couple of weeks later he contacted me to ask if I would be willing to help them with the electromechanical pinball machines they were using in the show.  He didn't have to ask twice!  (More about the technical work done on their machines here.)  On my first trip to help out I asked if there were plans for pinball machines in the lobby.  I offered a few of my games for the theater lobby and the break room.  Skip ahead a few weeks and see the results in the following images.

Free Pinball sign

Three restored electromechanical pinball machines were installed in the theater lobby shortly before the show's opening in April 2018.

Theater entrance 3

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The games are all set on free play for the theater patrons, staff and company.

The games will be available for play for a while before each performance.