Fun With Pinball

Road Trip - Fall 2021

Fun With Pinball will be traveling to Pinball Expo in the fall of 2021.  We'll be on the road between Denver and Chicago in late October and early November.

Denver Chicago road tripDenver Chicago road trip

To break up the trip we'd like to arrange some electromechanical pinball related stops along the way.  Stops could be scheduled for:

  • EM pinball repair days for individuals or small groups who'd like some hands on help troubleshooting, repairing or learning more about their games. Similar to the EM Pinball Online Repair Clinic but in person.
  • An in depth Electromechanical Pinball Repair class for anyone who'd like to further develop their own skills.
  • An introductory level Pinball Engineering Workshop for wider audiences.
  • A short term exhibit for libraries, clubs, schools, maker spaces, etc..
  • On site EM pinball repair service calls.
  • Something else you might suggest.

EM Pinball Repair and Restoration classEM Pinball Repair and Restoration class Pinball Engineering WorkshopPinball Engineering Workshop Fun With Pinball ExhibitFun With Pinball Exhibit

If you live somewhere between Denver and Chicago or in the highlighted area in the map above and would like to arrange for a visit please let us know via the Contact page.